Harmony in Karate: JKA Romania

Embark on a journey through the disciplined world of karate with our collaboration with JKA Romania, an esteemed member of the Japan Karate Association. At the intersection of tradition and innovation, our partnership with this martial arts association aimed to create a dynamic online presence that reflects their dedication to karate excellence.

Logo Evolution

In paying homage to the rich heritage of JKA Romania, we embarked on the journey of updating their logo. The evolution of this emblem encapsulates the essence of their commitment to karate principles while embracing a modern aesthetic that resonates with practitioners and enthusiasts alike.

Comprehensive Presentation Website


Dive into the heart of JKA Romania through their presentation website, a dynamic platform meticulously designed to serve as a hub for all things karate. This digital space not only showcases the association’s yearly schedule and upcoming events but also delves into the intricacies of their rules, guiding individuals on the path to advancing through KYU or DAN levels.

Dojo Directory

Discover the network of dojos affiliated with JKA Romania with our comprehensive directory. Each entry provides not just the names but also contact information, fostering a sense of community and accessibility for individuals seeking to join or connect with dojos across the country.

Interactive Blog

Beyond the structured information, the website transforms into an interactive blog, offering a glimpse into the vibrant karate community. Explore event highlights, competitions, and moments of triumph through captivating visuals and firsthand impressions shared by JKA Romania members.

Local Competition Poster Designs

Adding a visual flourish to the excitement of local competitions, we take pride in crafting captivating designs for the posters that announce and represent these events. Each poster is a blend of creativity and information, capturing the essence of the competition and generating anticipation among participants and spectators alike.

Join us in celebrating the spirit of JKA Romania, where tradition meets innovation, and every design element, from logos to local competition posters, serves as a testament to the dedication and passion that defines the world of karate within the association.

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