Celebrating a Longstanding Partnership: Kaskadda

At the heart of our portfolio lies a story of enduring collaboration with Kaskadda, a journey that spans creativity, innovation, and a shared commitment to excellence. From the inception of their brand to the ongoing support in various aspects, our partnership has evolved and flourished over time.

Logo and Visual Identity Manual


The foundation of our collaboration began with the creation of a distinctive logo that serves as the visual cornerstone of the Kaskadda brand. This iconic symbol not only represents their identity but also lays the groundwork for a comprehensive visual identity manual, ensuring consistency across all brand touchpoints.

Print Collateral

Venturing into the realm of print, we extended our design expertise to craft a range of impactful materials. From banners that command attention to the intricate design of warranty certificates, compliance documents, and maintenance guides, each piece is a testament to our meticulous approach in bringing the Kaskadda brand to life in tangible, hands-on experiences.

Product Box Design

A highlight of our collaboration includes the thoughtful design of product boxes, where every detail is considered to enhance the unboxing experience. The carefully crafted box design adds an extra layer of sophistication to the presentation of Kaskadda’s products, creating a memorable and distinctive impression on their clientele.

Online Presence


In the digital landscape, we transformed Kaskadda’s vision into a captivating online shopping experience. From the initial design of the online shop to the ongoing maintenance and the creation of custom modules tailored to their unique needs, our collaboration extended beyond aesthetics, ensuring a seamless and efficient e-commerce platform.

Printed Expressions of Appreciation

Expressing gratitude to Kaskadda’s clientele became an art form in itself. We crafted thank-you letters that resonate with sincerity and a box design for a special gift accompanying every order. This personalized touch not only reinforces brand loyalty but adds a tangible, memorable element to the Kaskadda customer experience.

As we continue to evolve in tandem with Kaskadda, this collaboration stands as a testament to the power of creative synergy and the enduring impact of a holistic design approach. Join us in exploring the multifaceted facets of our work with Kaskadda, where every detail, whether in print or online, contributes to a brand narrative that speaks volumes.

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